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Sun... summer... holiday :-)

          How   to   stay   safe   at   the   beach?          

Summer is here at least. It's holiday time! There is nothing like a day at the beach with your family or friends when the weather is warm and sunny. But beaches can also be dangerous place for people. Here are some useful tips for keeping you safe at the beach this summer.

  •  Sunburn  It is red, hot and painful. Always put sunscreen on your skin to protect your skin from the hot sun!
  •  Snacking and swimming  Do not swim after eating! It's very dangerous to swim on a full stomach. You may get cramps.
  •  Protect your eyes  Always wear sunglasses! They protect your eyes against damage that can be caused by UV (ultra violet).
  •  Stay cool  Drink plenty of water! Your body needs water to keep cool.
  •  Wear a hat  Always wear a hat! It protects your head from the sun. Do not go out in the sun between 11am and 3pm. The sun is at its hottest then.
  •  Protect your feet  Always wear flip-flop or sandals on the beach! You can burn your feet in the hot sand or cut them on broken glass.

     Types of holidays     
  • We are going on a package holiday to Hong Kong. (flights and hotel are included)
  • We are going to have a winter holiday this year.
  • I want to go camping this year. (sleep in a tent)
  • I am going on a walking holidays in the Alps.
  • A coach tour is an easy way to go on holiday. (travelling in a comfortable bus)

     Do not forget to take...     
  • your passport (if you are going to another country)
  • a visa (a stamp that you need in your passport to go to some countries)
  • your tickets
  • some traveller's cheques and currency (money of the country you are going to)
  • a camera
  • a phrasebook (a small book containing helpful groups of sentences and words in a particular foreign language, intended for use by travellers)
  • your luggage (e.g. a suitcase or a rucksack)

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