niedziela, 20 lipca 2014

homophones for the first time

What are homophones?
Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meaning and usually different spelling.
Here are some examples that appeared on our facebook page for our full week - in alphabetical order.

          AYE - EYE - I             
aye (adverb) another word for "yes" 

(noun) a vote or voter in support of a suggestion, idea, law, etc.
eye (noun) one of the two organs in your face, which you use to see with
               the evil eye - a magical power to injure or harm people by looking at them
               keep your eye in (AmE) - to continue to be good at a sport or other activity by practising it
I (pronoun) (used as the subject of a verb) the person speaking 

          BEAN - BEEN          
bean (noun) a seed, or the pod containing seeds, od various climbing plants, eaten as a vegetable