sobota, 16 czerwca 2012

Introductions, greetings and goodbyes

          When do people in Britain shake hands?          

Usually, people in Britain only shake hands when they meet for the first time or when they meet again after a long time.
They shake hands and say How do you do? or Pleased to meet you". How do you do? is not really a question, it just means Hello.

          What do you say in English when you do not hear a person's name?          

I'm sorry, I did not hear your name. Could you repeat, please?

         When do you say Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening, Good night?           

Good morning (before lunch), Good afternoon (from lunch to 6 p.m.), Good evening (after dinner, after 6 p.m.) are greetings. We say Good night to say goodbye/end a conversation at night.