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Easter traditions

For Christians Easter is the most important religious holiday. It celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. A lot of Easter customs exist in various countries.

In Poland the whole families gather together to celebrate Easter. On Holy Saturday they prepare special Easter baskets. The baskets contain eggs, bread, meat, salt, horseradish and a figure of lamb made of sugar or cake, which represent the Lamb of God – Jesus Christ. The baskets are decorated with white cloth and box twigs. Once a basket is ready, it is taken to a local church where a priest blesses it with holy water. On Holy Sunday a great Easter breakfast takes place, when family members eat the contents of their baskets and much more.

In the United Kingdom and the United States parents prepare for Easter by buying chocolate eggs and bunnies or similar items made of sugar. On Saturday morning they hide the treats in their gardens where children go looking for them. Some children receive small gifts given to them by an Easter Bunny. Special games take place such us egg rolling (a race with rolling eggs on the grass) and egg tapping. There are some foods associated with Easter,such as hot cross buns (sweet buns with spices), Simnel cake (fruitcake with marzipan) and roasts. 

In Norway people often spend Easter in the mountains, for example skiing. Interestingly, Easter in Norway is connected with murder mysteries. During the holiday people watch and read detective stories and thrillers. Television during the time broadcasts many such films and a whole lot of crime fiction is published right before Easter in order to supplement the Norwegians with fresh positions. No wonder the people of Norway are famous for their crime authors!

We should not forget that Easter is a religious holiday. In most countries people attend special church masses devoted to the Resurrection when they express their joy at the coming of Jesus and eat and decorate eggs – the symbol of new life.

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